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Professional Introduction to Permaculture Design

The Permaculture Student 1

Our planet is precious, a gift from God. Unprecedented times are not going away any time soon. The welfare of future generations will be in perils. We need to teach our children to be able to sustain themselves and not rely on the future government. Help our children now before in is to late.

Get a thorough and professional introduction to Permaculture Design in only a few sittings reading The Permaculture Student 1 set. Following the directions and guides, you can start your own permaculture oasis - no matter your climate or growing situation.

The Permaculture Student 1 condenses the certification requirements of a standard Permaculture Design Certification course into a reference manual that costs a fraction of an in-person or online permaculture design certification course. You can find The Permaculture Student 1 being used by individuals of all ages and teachers in elementary schools, high schools, and homeschools. It is a reference manual rather than a traditional textbook of units and assignments, so it is easier to use in designing. Colorful, scientifically accurate, and engaging illustrations are found throughout the pages. Written by a professional educator with years of classroom experience and curriculum design with a team of professional reviewers and editors. Christian Green Living


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