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How to Get Kids Involved While Training Your Dog at Home

In order to properly train your dog at home, you need to establish a clear, consistent training routine.

Here are a few suggestions. on what you can do to get your kids involved.

Setting firm boundaries.

Sticking to a set routine (meal times, potty breaks, walks,etc.).

Strategically rewarding your dog for good behavior.

Following through with time outs when your pup struggles to listen.

Maintaining a calm environment so your dog can focus and learn.

Having kids involved, I know firsthand that following through with all of these things can be a challenge. Kids are full of energy and sometimes have a hard time following instructions. This can throw a kink in your routine as you work hard to train your dog.

Regardless, it’s important to get everyone in your home on the same page when it comes to dog training⁠—no matter how small your kids are. And the best way to do that is to get your kids involved in the process. Before any dog training techniques are implemented, it’s a good idea to host a family meeting to clearly explain what you’re going to be doing and why following through with a training program is so important.

In terms of smaller children, you should lead the conversation in a way that will resonate with them. For example you might say to your child, “You don’t like it when Max the dog jumps up in your face. It scares you. So, you are going to teach Max not to jump on you anymore, but we will need your help to teach him.”

Having this kind of conversation ensures that your kid understands the “why” behind why you’re making new rules for the dog in your home. It will hopefully also get them excited about helping you with the process. Click here for more suggestions.

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