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mobileshalom's passion is to help Children and Adults to obtain Honesty, Integrity, Righteous Morals, Ethical Principles, and find Shalom in your souls.   

mobileShalom's mission is to provide Outstanding Christian Professionals to you with Truth Resources needed to receive the Lord's Peace within us, raise our Children with virtues, have Christian Family Enjoyment, through a variety of trustworthy Homeschool Curriculums and Electives to choose from. Mobile devices are an excellent way to achieve.

mobileShalom delivers Christian Truth Resources that affirms the Life of Jesus and God's Power and Creation Bible Studies, and God's Green Earth Green Living teaches knowledge and facts about Christian Journey, Earth's Stewardship, Global Warming. Inspiring Christian Education,

How Can I Become A Child of God?

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The more of Jesus you place into your heart the more darkness is pushed out. 

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