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mobileShalom upholds Christian Home Schooling. Home school online is vital for our precious kids.

You instill into their hearts virtues, absolute truth, health, boldness, character strength, finances, sex education, and sexual behavior, and most importantly, the Word of God. The dynamic and positive effect that homeschool has on our precious kids teaches them Resourcefulness Living. The ability to cope with difficult situations, or unusual problems.

Children need to be nurtured with love, truth, honesty, compassion, character, and adhere to Integrity, Christian Morals, Ethical Principles to make the world a better place in the future. It is Vital for Children to start learning these characteristics at an early age.

mobileShalom is a unique and dynamic faith-based Truth Resource Center. We introduce you to Truth Resources Vital to instill into your Child’s heart. We also have High School, College, and Adult Studies. The year we establish 2011. Our Home base is in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

Our mission is to provide Outstanding Christian Truth Resources needed to receive the Lord's Shalom within us, raise our Children with virtues, have Christian Family Enjoyment and a variety of trustworthy Christian Home Schooling Curriculum's to choose from.

If we do not teach our children to follow Jesus, the world will teach them NOT to. Help them overcome nefarious thoughts. Children have enormous potential to live for God and to have a great impact. Children are innocent and have not yet been corrupted by the world's wickedness.

Parents we are responsible to raise our children to teach them Good Judgment and the ability to act correctly and make decisions on their own. They are our future. With Home School Online you can en-root in their hearts' truth that will be a deeply fixed firmly tradition of respect for God, the elderly and their future. Our Christian Home Schooling Precious Kids page has a dynamic effect on your children. Even if they go to public schools you can reach out to teach them vital ethics. Many Grandparents are homeschooling Grandchildren while mom and dad are working. Remember one day Our Children are going to take care of us and rule this planet.

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Always Put God First and Enjoy Life in Christ.

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The more of Jesus you place into your heart the more darkness is pushed out. 

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